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Taurus 905 9mm revolver review - Is a 9mm snubby better than 38 special?

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Some 4700 people viewed and 165 of you commented on my original posting about Tim at MAC discussing how out of a snubby revolver 9mm is better than 38 or 38+P. Approaching 357 mag in its pressures and velocity with less recoil( well different recoil ). Now as you can tell this subject stirred some intense debate. The posting is below.


So I thought I would follow up with a review of my new/used Taurus 905 9mm snub nosed revolver. Now I am not whippy enough to purchase gel blocks or a chronograph, so my review is pretty subjective. I started looking for a 9mm revolver after viewing the MAC review to see for myself what 9mm brings to the revolver discussion. Dropped by Cabela's and ran in to my used gun buddy, they had this Taurus on the shelf for $299, talked him down to $265 and home I went.
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The Taurus 905 came uncleaned and with the factory grease and lube aged to gunky perfection. But no turn line on the cylinder. It needed some serious cleaning, a little polishing and a light lube. I also spent some time sanding and polishing bad chatter marks on the hammer strut to get the heavy hammer pull to smooth out. But now it is easy to stage in DA with a 14lb pull, SA is 4.5lbs. I will be installing a reduced weight hammer spring when it comes in from Wolff. But for now I am testing with the original Taurus springs. It came with three old Taurus star clips which required some work to get them to function correctly. I also purchased 5 new ones from TK industries for $34.
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The 905 weighs in at 23.2 oz's unloaded. It is 6.5" long, 4.4" tall, and 1.5" wide and has a 2 inch barrel length. The blueing is excellent , except for a few finish imperfections under the left side of the cylinder. It has fixed rear and front sights. I did put a dab of white paint on the front blade to assist in with the range evaluation.
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The cylinder star and forcing cone are in perfect condition, probably due to the low round count. I am pretty sure someone bought this, shot it once and put it away. I will talk about why I believe that shortly. The Taurus rubber boot grip only allows a 2 finger hold and in my opinion makes the recoil from this snappy gun worse than it has to be. The hard rubber shoulder over the backstrap transmits most of the impulse right into the web of my hand between the thumb and forefinger. It will need a better grip, but hey I love recoil ... right.
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Well this recoil, is different. Like a 45acp the recoil is a push and it all hits right between the thumb and forefinger. Which makes my hand buzz right from the first shot. Shooting a 44mag out of a heavy revolver is less painful. Heck shooting 357 out of my new 605 (with the rubber combat grip) felt like a 22 after shooting the 905 with standard 115grn ball ammo. So why would anyone want a 9mm revolver.
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Because it is a crazy accurate round out of this Taurus version. I started at 15 yards, and then moved back to 20 yards and was putting rounds in the same holes. I am not a great shooter, it isn't me, its the 905. I was even hitting the target at 20 yards one handed (OUCH)..So with a better grip and lighter hammer pull this will make a great CC or SD gun. But I doubt it will ever be a range toy, except for those of us who like to walk around with limp and numb hands. My quest to find the perfect Taurus snubby continues, I am bringing in a used 605 with an actual polished stainless finish and a longer barrel,,maybe 3 inches not sure as I got it on Gunbroker and will pick up at my dealer Wednesday. I will review that one soon.
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Nice review and pics!
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Thanks for a good review. With the arthritis in my fingers and wrists I have settled on my 941UL .22 mag or my steel 85 3'' with the 3 fingered combat grips as my carry snubbie. Shooting these is not as bad as my 85UL or my 605 on my wrists. I know I can practice with lighter loads, but I like to shoot what I carry. Again, thanks for a good review and some good insight.
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If you can find those bullhead grips get them. They are a bit narrow but mitigate recoil the best. Even beat out pachmyr in my opinion. I truly enjoy my 905 and if you do some searching you will find articles and videos discussing the virtues of the 9mm over the 38 and even equaling 357 from a short barrel.

My quandary is my new kel tec p11. Lighter and carries 12 rounds in a slimmer package. It has a 3 inch barrel and is about same same height , .38 slimmer and about an inch shorter.

I am putting it through reliability runs beforei think of giving up my 905.

Every time I go to range with the 905 I say I will never sell it. But why keep it if the lel tec proves itself.

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I'll stick with my semi autos in 9mm. My Kel-Tec P-11 has never failed in the 10 years that Iv'e own it. It's my bug, compliments my S&W .45 Shield very nicely..:)
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Thanks for the review.
I would like to get a 9mm revolver, but they are much more expensive than 38 Spcl snubbies.
You got a good price on yours. New grips should make it even better.
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