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Taurus 850 SS Ejector problems?

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I purchased a new 850ss just short of three years ago and bought it for a CCW as well as something for the house that I knew wasn't going to be confusing to my wife in case she needed it for protection. It didn't get a lot of use because it wasn't purchased for plinking, therefore it only had maybe 500 rounds put through it due to range practice. I began to notice that the ejector gear, used for advancing the cylinder during the cocking sequence was looking as though it was disintegrating. Chunks of the gear teeth were breaking off and under a magnifier it looked like there might be cracks in it. I took it to my gunsmith and he agreed that it didn't look good. He advised that I send it back to Taurus for repair. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with their Taurus revolvers? If you have to send it back to them for warranty work be prepared to wait. I sent mine in the first week of February 2007 and have received a notice that they received the pistol and said that I should expect 3 to 4 weeks for repair, that was the 4th of April. Well it's now a week away from June and still no gun and can't get a reply from anyone at Taurus, phone, fax, or smoke signals, nothing works. If you have the same problem with your revolver's ejector, you might want to consider purchasing the part and installing it yourself. I sure wish I had done that instead.
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Thanks for the reply! I've never seen anything like it either. The lock up and alignment were still good but it was obvious that the ejector was in pain. I wish I'd have picked up the part and replaced it myself. My only guess as to its location now is on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. I'll be surprised one day with a knock on the door from UPS. I hope...
I've really enjoyed the chance to speak with you. Your information has been very good and I wish I had had the foresight to check this forum before sending my pistol in for service. Of course at the time I didn't dream that it was going to take the time it has. You know, you figure it's a simple repair and hope that they knock it out quick because it is so simple and get it off their bench. Live and learn I guess. I just hope after waiting for so long that they actually do the repair. I've read on this forum where several members waited quite a while and got their handgun returned with an explanation of repairs made only to find that it was returned in the same condition it was sent in! One fellow had that happen twice! I wouldn't have any hair left after an ordeal like that, lol... Again I'd like to thank you for conversation!


Brady (Tig56)
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I hope it comes back fixed! I checked Numrichs and they carry every part for that pistol except for the extractor star. It says that the newer Taurus, didn't say how new, has the extractor star crimped in place, not screwed. What does that mean to you? Since I can't look at it I'm frankly having trouble imagining how you would crimp something like that in the first place and then expect it to turn. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find something that better explains it.

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