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Taurus 850 SS Ejector problems?

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I purchased a new 850ss just short of three years ago and bought it for a CCW as well as something for the house that I knew wasn't going to be confusing to my wife in case she needed it for protection. It didn't get a lot of use because it wasn't purchased for plinking, therefore it only had maybe 500 rounds put through it due to range practice. I began to notice that the ejector gear, used for advancing the cylinder during the cocking sequence was looking as though it was disintegrating. Chunks of the gear teeth were breaking off and under a magnifier it looked like there might be cracks in it. I took it to my gunsmith and he agreed that it didn't look good. He advised that I send it back to Taurus for repair. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with their Taurus revolvers? If you have to send it back to them for warranty work be prepared to wait. I sent mine in the first week of February 2007 and have received a notice that they received the pistol and said that I should expect 3 to 4 weeks for repair, that was the 4th of April. Well it's now a week away from June and still no gun and can't get a reply from anyone at Taurus, phone, fax, or smoke signals, nothing works. If you have the same problem with your revolver's ejector, you might want to consider purchasing the part and installing it yourself. I sure wish I had done that instead.
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Odd problem to say the least. I have no idea what would cause it. I've put many thousands of rounds through my little M85 and I'm approaching a thousand on one of my M66s (which was bought quite used) and see no problems. I've never heard of a problem like this with any revolver, must be a metalurgical problem or something, weird.

There's very little wear normally on the pawl/engagements normally. Very strange. Yeah, if it happened on my revolvers, this is a very easy part to replace.
I've never had to send a Taurus back. Heck, I've only sent two firearms back to the factory, a Rossi for a broken firing pin and a Phoenix Arms HP22 for a cracked slide. the Rossi took a while, but Phoenix Arms was quick and very good service, even called ME t tell me they received it. I had it back within a couple of weeks and was plinkin' away. LOL Cool little cheap gun, very accurate, even if it is a pot metal gun. I've heard Taurus is a little slow, just takes some patience. If I have to send one back some day, no biggy, I have over 20 handguns and a good selection of 'em are carry guns, or at least carryable even if I don't carry them that often. I'm adding a Ruger SP101 to the battery, for another one. ;D Ain't like I have to go unarmed or something.

Yeah, all you have to do to replace the ejector star is unscrew the rod (left hand thread) and it comes apart, no biggy. I'd just have ordered the part for something that minor. If a gun starts to get timing problems from all the wear or something, I'll use the lifetime warranty, but for little stuff I can do myself, I don't see the need to bother with sending it in.
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I wouldn't put too much weight to the stories you read on the net. There are people out there with agendas and Taurus bashing seems to be a national sport sometimes. They're decent guns. I'm pretty convinced, though I've never had to use it, that the customer service is slow. I've heard three to four months is pretty well expected for turn around. I think if you explain the problem well, they'd get the job done. In many cases like yours, the gun is functioning fine. If the tech that looks at it doesn't know the complaint clearly, just looks at it, cycles it, sees it's shooting fine, you might get it back as was. Someone who posted on the board was screamin' mad that they didn't fix his gun's finish after he cleaned BLACK POWDER (was a .38 or something) residue with ACEDIC ACID aka vinegar. Well, ya know, you just have to take such criticism with a grain of salt. In the first place, the gun's finish is only 2 years warranty or something like that. Second, soaking the gun in VINEGAR???? Sheesh! There are other companies I've read about that are bashed incessantly on the net, some of which produce some of the strongest, best designed, best made guns extant in my experience. Hey, you just got to realize that gun nuts are opinionated SOBs sometimes. ;D There are a lot of 'em out there that won't buy ANYTHING that doesn't say Smith and Wesson on it. Anything else, in their opinions, is junk. Too, I've heard several other companies bashed for their customer service. I don't know if it's true, but I read such things with a grain of salt.

Anyway, if it comes back and you aren't satisfied, I'd just buy the part and in 2 minutes, you can install it. If you don't want to order from Taurus USA, I bet you could find the part at Numrich Arms aka Gun Parts Inc http://www.e-gunparts.com/ . These guys are good and have a LOT of inventory for all sorts of hard to get parts and such.
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