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Taurus 809B-9mm (PT809)

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Does anyone have any spec's on this............................... When is it coming out on the market.

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I'm anxiously awaiting word as well, and also on the 24/7 OSS. Hopefully Taurus will release both in the upcoming future because I, like many others, need to add them to my collection. :D
I haven't seen specs yet but there are two pics on the Taurus site. Note it does have an exposed hammer. (Yea)
Go to the home page. On the left side, scroll down to Press Room. Click. On the page that opens, scroll down. Two pics are listed.
I want to see the specs, and price. I bet it would compliment my PT 92 real well.
The PT917c and the PT909 would also go nicely with the PT92 and use the same magazines. But yes I agree, I want a PT809B too.
The serial number on that one shows it to be a 2006 model lol

I talked with the guy at Taurus and he told me October for the OSS and close to December for the stainless PT1911 and early next year for the 809 and 24/7 compact. He did also say that the OSS 809 and 24/7c will all be available in 9mm,40s&w, and .45acp with the number change of course on the 809
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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