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Taurus 627 Tracker, a question

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I finally got my new Taurus. I bought a ported version, not the Competition Pro model without porting. (It was my first plan, but it does not come through official imported, so the guarantee is only 1 year.

Well, I am very satisfied with the Tracker. The trigger is excellent, so is accuracy. I shot 400 shots already with it.

Today I made some tests to test the cylinder wiggle.

I cocked the revolver and with the trigger pulled, lowered the hammer. Then, the trigger still back, I tried to move the cylinder. No front/back wiggle at all, so everything was OK. Then is tried to rotate the cylinder. A slight wiggle, but I know it is OK. Then for my surprise, I was able to rotate the cylinder clockwise. It was locked, but with no particular force I was able to rotate the cylinder, hearing a click everytime it "locked" to its position. The cylinder was not totally locked to its place.
Is this normal?
I really do not know, but I don't think I was able to do this with my old S&W 586. (But I'm not actually sure if I ever really tried it)

Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like timing is off. I'd get a smith to look it over for you. It is true that a good cleaning might cure things as the cylinder latch might be hesitating due to grim or improper lube, but it sure sounds like a timing problem.
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