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Taurus 627 Tracker, a question

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I finally got my new Taurus. I bought a ported version, not the Competition Pro model without porting. (It was my first plan, but it does not come through official imported, so the guarantee is only 1 year.

Well, I am very satisfied with the Tracker. The trigger is excellent, so is accuracy. I shot 400 shots already with it.

Today I made some tests to test the cylinder wiggle.

I cocked the revolver and with the trigger pulled, lowered the hammer. Then, the trigger still back, I tried to move the cylinder. No front/back wiggle at all, so everything was OK. Then is tried to rotate the cylinder. A slight wiggle, but I know it is OK. Then for my surprise, I was able to rotate the cylinder clockwise. It was locked, but with no particular force I was able to rotate the cylinder, hearing a click everytime it "locked" to its position. The cylinder was not totally locked to its place.
Is this normal?
I really do not know, but I don't think I was able to do this with my old S&W 586. (But I'm not actually sure if I ever really tried it)

Thanks in advance!
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Thank you for your answers.
I have cleaned the gun very well now. It could not be any cleaner. I also took it completely to pieces. Nothing is broken, no parts are missing and nothing seems to be wrong.
Then I oiled it with a good, synthetic gun oil. I also checked the timing and it seems to be OK. The gun is also very accurate and functions flawlessy.

But this still worries me big time because now I have even bigger reason to believe that the cylinder should be totally locked up when holding the trigger after lowering the hammer.

I think this situation could be possibly even dangerous? If the cylinder turns around when I shoot? It requires a little bit force (just a little bit, nothing could possibly breal because of it) to make the cylinder "click" and turn around but I am able to do.

BTW: I noticed that if I release the trigger just a little bit (maybe 1/32 inches or little more) the cylinder locks up. Part number 45 in the exploded view (called "Hand") locks the cylinder when I do that. (The manual here, page 18: http://borg.pp.fi/taurus/taurus-627-trackerrevolver_manual.pdf)

I could take some photos of it partly disassembled, so you could check to see if there is anything wrong visible?

Sending the gun to importer who sends it to Taurus is not my first option, because I am in Finland, Europe and afaik it could take several months to fix this problem
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I was able to solve the problem!! \o/ At least it locks up now, time will tell if this is a permanent solution.

There is this spring (see the exploded view, http://borg.pp.fi/taurus/taurus-627-trackerrevolver_manual.pdf page 18 part #12). This is the spring that pushes the cylinder stop (part #44 in the picture) upwards.
I streched the spring a little bit and voilá!! It works!

Do you guys think that this could be the correct solution for this problem because everything else is OK and now the gun works perfectly?
dmanbass said:
Hmmmm. Page 18 does not show a 627 Tracker like you posted you have. But I am glad you have had some success. Right now I would have to say that if your not confident and sure you might better send it in to have a gunsmith make sure for you. Nothing to fool around with for sure. A mistake can be deadly. Beware and err on the side of safety.
Oops...I ment page 19. :D
But I think part numbers are the same.
Rob said:
Sounds like you've got it working now?

I'm sure you've checked, but three little parts; if the sideplate yoke screw parts 47, 48 and 49 aren't re-assembled in their proper order that can mess up the cylinder functioning too. (Spring needs to be immediately behind the sideplate screw)

Proud 627 Trackerowner.
Yes, I hope I got it working now. I just got back from the track. I shot 200+ rounds with it and it works like a dream. Only exception is when shooting 357 magnums. The cases are really hard to eject. This does not happen with .38 specials.

Parts 47., 48 and 49 were troublemakers at first, because I (of course :D ) dropped the screw when I opened it and the little spring was very hard to find. :D I thought it was just a standard screw, but when looking at the exploded view, I realized I was wrong. Luckily I found the spring and the exploded view helped me to assemble the gun correctly.

I am also a proud Tracker 627-owner. The gun seems to be very accurate and the porting+ribbed grips make shooting very enjoyable. I also like loud guns, and the porting makes this gun much louder than for example Ruger GP-100. I expect a big BOOM when I pull the trigger and this gun really gives me what I want. :D
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