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Taurus 627 Tracker, a question

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I finally got my new Taurus. I bought a ported version, not the Competition Pro model without porting. (It was my first plan, but it does not come through official imported, so the guarantee is only 1 year.

Well, I am very satisfied with the Tracker. The trigger is excellent, so is accuracy. I shot 400 shots already with it.

Today I made some tests to test the cylinder wiggle.

I cocked the revolver and with the trigger pulled, lowered the hammer. Then, the trigger still back, I tried to move the cylinder. No front/back wiggle at all, so everything was OK. Then is tried to rotate the cylinder. A slight wiggle, but I know it is OK. Then for my surprise, I was able to rotate the cylinder clockwise. It was locked, but with no particular force I was able to rotate the cylinder, hearing a click everytime it "locked" to its position. The cylinder was not totally locked to its place.
Is this normal?
I really do not know, but I don't think I was able to do this with my old S&W 586. (But I'm not actually sure if I ever really tried it)

Thanks in advance!
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Jal. I have a Tracker 627SS. I just went and tried it and mine does NOT do that.
Hmmmm. Page 18 does not show a 627 Tracker like you posted you have. But I am glad you have had some success. Right now I would have to say that if your not confident and sure you might better send it in to have a gunsmith make sure for you. Nothing to fool around with for sure. A mistake can be deadly. Beware and err on the side of safety.
I have polished the inside of my cylinder with a cotton swabby thingie on the end of a drill. Worked like a charm. I had one or two that stuck all the time with .357 but not now :D
Swabbie Thingie Part Number 00001-357 :p

I did not see any "metal" come out just darkness on the swabbie thingie. I used Hoppes #9 on it. I think the fact that the drill was spinning so fast caused the cylinder to get real smooth. It works very nicely and the shells just slide out easily now. Of course I am very particular about cleaning my revolvers. I clean them after every outing no matter how many rounds I put through it.

I probably don't need to but I think I just want to be near them :)
Rob, I'm sure yours will loosen up over a little time. She's probably a little tight still. Just take her out to the range or the property if you have it and treat her to lots of fun shooting and practice and before ya know it... you'll have a sore hand LOL.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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