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Hello: Guys I am new to this forum. Glad to see a Taurus Forum.
I bought a New 605SS yesterday and have a question about cylinder movement.
When I cock the weapon in single action mode, there is a slight movement of the cylinder side to side. In other words I can rock it slightly back and forth.
There is almost no front to back movement.
I eyeballed the barrel alignment for each chamber and that looks good.
When I bought the gun I compared it to a SP101 and with the hammer rested or uncocked it had more side to side play than the Ruger. But it seemed within reason.
With the gun cocked should there be any side to side play with the cylinder.
Thanks, looking forward to reading the posts here.

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Thanks guys for the replies. I havent shot it yet and probably wont for a few days.
I checked the cylinder with the trigger pulled back and it has almost no play then.
Ive owned a few handguns and rifles over the years but I am no gunsmith.
I am assuming because of the design of a revolver there is a small amount of play in the action right up till it fires to allow the action to run smoothly.
If the tolerences are too close the action will be jam prone.
The fit and finish of this gun is excellent. Comparing the trigger action I would say its as smooth as the Ruger SP101 I almost bought.

This gun was not cheap..........I spent 372.00 including fees and a box of ammo, before I got out of th store.
The Ruger sp101 was exactly 100 dollars more. I didnt get the Ruger because this gun for the most part is going to sitting around loaded. With a trip or two to the range to pop a few rounds out. So I figured the Taurus would fit the bill.

I think Ruger makes some very good guns...........the S&W's are decent guns but very overpriced.
I paid less for a stainless steel Marlin 45-70 than S&W wants for some of there 357 handguns.
I like this gun and hope it works out. If it does Im already thinking about a 44 mag revolver by Taurus......lol
Safe Shooting Guys

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Thanks guys for the comments. I haven't had a chance to shoot my 605 but I did go look at a blued version of my gun. It had some very slight play........but with the trigger pulled back it was locked tight no play at all. My gun varies with each cylinder. One for two cylinders lock almost tight some are a little looser. By movement I am talking about maybe a few thousand of an inch.
It had been 20 years since I bought my last revolver when I bought this Taurus. I wish I knew what I know now when I was looking at buying another revolver.
I probably wouldn't of bought this gun, but waited till I found a nice tight locking cylinder.
Is there anyway to have a gunsmith tighten this gun up or should I wait till I shoot it.
I like this gun the fit and finish is very good.
Thanks again.
Safe Shooting.
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