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NativeTexan said:
.....But, the Taurus can fire any factory loaded .357 all day long and twice on Sunday and it's lighter to carry than the Ruger.....
According to the specs on the respective websites, there is only a 1.5 oz difference between the Ruger SP101 and the Taurus 605SS in a 2" barrel handgun.

I too have the SP101 and debated over which gun to purchase (605SS vs. SP101) and after factoring out the price difference, which is roughly $100 difference as zero244 stated, I opted for the Ruger because of the theoretical sturdier frame. A major consideration about which one to get was the weight difference of the two for use as a CC weapon, and the Ruger came in at only about 1 - 1.5 oz heavier, which is negligible.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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