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Taurus 605 5 rnd or the 617 7 rnd?

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I'm new here, first post. Help me decide on which model...
I only have auto's Never owned a revolver. Can't decide on which one. I want the SS with a hammer. Do you have one or the other? What do you like about it? Is the only difference the two rounds and a little more weight on the 617? Any thoughts on these two would help me. Thanks in advance.
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The way I see it, if it can't be done with 5 rounds of .357, It probably won't get done with 7 :)

It really depends on your purpose tho... +2 probably isn't THAT much heavier. However, it will be thicker. For CCW, personally, we went with the 605.

(Just checked taurus'es website... 605 weighs 24oz, 617 weighs 28oz, not a LOT of difference..)

If it was a house gun, or, a range gun, I'd go with the 7, so reloads are slightly less frequent.

You're probably best off to rent each, and play around for a bit :)

If considering for CCW, try to borrow one from a buddy, or, see if the shop will let you try them both on... :)

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The 605 can be more easily carried in a pocket where the 617 would work better on the belt. If you're thinking more as a house or vehicle gun, I'd lean towards the 617.

I have both guns. I like the 617 for the times I carry just one gun. I sometimes carry it in a back pocket . Most of the time I carry it IWB. The 605 is smaller and lighter. I can carry it in a front or rear pocket. I mostly carry the 605 with a backup. If I carry two or more guns , the 605 is better IWB.(it has a hammer) My SP101(hammerless), mdl 37(bobbed hammer), Charter undercover(hammerless), or Mdl 905(hammerless) are better in the pocket. ( by hammerless I mean factory DAO. no spur)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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