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Taurus 450 Loads?

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I recently saw a Taurus 450 at a local dealer and it followed me home... Anyone else have one? Any feedback on how it shoots?

I won't be able to get to the range for another week or so, so I'm hoping someone can provide some feedback for me. Anyone else have one? How does it shoot? I've never had a ported gun, so it should be interesting. In any case, if anyone does have one, can you tell me what you're shooting through it? My local shop doesn't have much variety of factory loads, so I jumped on line to see what there was. So far I'm looking at getting one of the following:

I'm really leaning towards the Cor-Bon +P 200 gr JHP, but I'm not sure if the gun can handle +P loads. If not the Cor-Bons, how about CCI Blazer 200 gr JHP? Or the Buffalo Bore 200 gr. Speer Gold Dots?

Thanks in advance for any input!

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I just bought a Taurus 450 back in December. My first go around I put 50 rounds of Winchester 250 Grain LRN through it. It felt as though I was shooting a 38 special in a large frame. The porting seems to make a difference along with the ribber grips. I currently have Speer Gold Dots in the cylinder for off duty/self defense/home defense. I don't expect that the feel will be any different if I need to shoot it out with a bad guy. I have been told the Cor-Bons are a little on the hot side. Once my tax money rolls in I'm going to spring for some type of Lee reloading press since ammo is pricey. I will definitely stick with a 250 grain round when reloading since my results have been good so far with the factory 250 grain round. I hope this helps. Also if you need speed loaders I've been told by a representative of HKS that the CA-44 HKS speed loaders will work with the gun. Enjoy your new friend and don't let anyone talk you out of it.

BTW what did you pay for it?

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I bought the HKS CA-44 speed loaders the other day. They work like a champ so don't hesitate to get a couple of speed loaders if you need them.
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