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Taurus .44 Magnum, need assistance with model and price.

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I need some help. I am looking for a revolver to use for hog hunting (as a backup). I found this locally, and he wants $325 for the package (includes gun, scope rail, and holster). It's a .44 Magnum. First, what model is this? Second, is this a good price for a gun in 95% condition?

I appreciate the help.

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Your going to hate yourself and me in the morning. That is either the Taurus model 44 in .44 magnum or the 444 Ti, which is the light weight titanium version of the 44. Since the picture is fuzzy by the muzzle let it be said that there should be a built in factory compensator at the muzzle. Very good condition model 44 price is $375. Good cond.:$250. Fair cond.:$200. If the gun is mechanically sound the price sounds about right. Model 44s weigh in at 53 ounces. Looks like the 6 1/2 inch barrel barreled model. 4 inchers have a solid rib and the the other barrel lengths are all vent ribbed.
I'm pretty sure that it isn't a Ti, the grips are standard not the Raging Bull ones that are on the Ti model.

The holster appears to be an Uncle Mikes that runs $10 to $20 I think. The scope mount (if its included) I don't know a value on but I don't think I would scope (or any type of optic sight) a back-up gun. As a primary, sure.

My only other thought is that long of a barrel might take longer that you want to clear the holster if piggie want to chat with you. Plus I think I'd like to be out of their reach if possible.

Steelheart is right. A 4 incher would be a better backup gun and would clear leather better and faster. 3 inch barreled revolvers are nice if considering them for this. One caveat is a little velocity is lost and the noise increases. While .44 mags are nice and one wants as much power to stop a charge, maybe a Taurus model 66 or S&W with 7 rounds might work out. 160-180 grain hunting slugs are available in .357 magnum. Buffalo Bore Ammunition has 2 loads that would give one all the penetration one would need in .357 magnum as well as the 44 maggy.
The picture looks like a 6.5" Taurus M44 to me. If it is, I have the same pistol. The price sounds a bit high for a used M44. I bought mine new about 18months ago (I think) for less then $350 new.

With that said, its a great gun. I bought the wife a S&W 629 since she wanted a 44 Mag after I bought my Taurus and you feel the recoil alot more since it does not have the factory expansion chamber and porting. The S&W has a better DA trigger, but they are alot more money.

Good Luck
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