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Lets roll back the clock to 1978, my first auto pistol I purchased was a Beretta 84BB. This diminutive Italian pony just called to me then and it called again last month.

I have been looking hard for the last several years for an 84BB in the right condition and at the right price. Beretta 84FS's these days go from $750 and up, while I want to remember my younger days, that is too much. I found this good to very good condition surplus 84 BB w/ one 13 mag at RedStar surplus for $411 OTD from my LGS. I purchased a spare mag and a wrap around pachmayr grip set for it. I also stuck on some grip tape to help pulling the slide back..big fingers very short slide.

I did my normal clean/polish/lube work on it. The DA trigger pull is a long one inch pull to a crisp 6lb 15oz break. The SA reset 1/4 inch out and has a crisp tactile reset and pulls at 2lb 5oz's.

This is how it looked after 120 rounds through it today. Gotta love the old school all metal Beretta pistols. This pony has a 3.8 inch barrel, weighs 25.9 oz's w/unloaded magazine-31.9 oz's with 13+1. It is 4 1/2" tall, 6 3/4" long, 1.43" wide at the safeties and grip.

The 84 BB version has more rear slide serrations and a post/dot sight arrangement. Basically dot the "I" for your site picture. Not sure why the back of the hammer shows up brown, it is blued and there is no rust anywhere in this beauty.

Here is my run during this amazing warm afternoon. I was running two types of reloads and was shooting at 18 yards. Had a few flyers which I consider were due to my reloads. This 84BB ran both soft and standard 100 grain PFP Xtreme bullets under 2.8 and 3.0 grains respectively of bullseye with no failures today. Accuracy was great for a 3.8" barrel. So have I re-captured my youth???? Good lord no, I am a lot smarter now than then, and a whole lot slower. But it was wonderful to feel that old muscle memory return towards the end of the range session, and started putting every round in the same hole. The old 84BB is still a very accurate/reliable/easy to shoot pistol, with that Beretta style that never gets old.

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Not sure why the back of the hammer shows up brown
cosmoline / grease after running it hot?
I have two of these 84bb. It is the "cock and lock" 84 as the 84 "f" & 84 "fs" is a decock only.
I got my first 84bb ten years ago. It's an Israeli police return and is very accurate. I snapped up a LNIB safe queen two years back for $500. I'm not sure it was ever fired.
Many different models of the 84 over the years but the BB was the sweet spot over the years of production. Just because it a Beretta 84 doesn't mean its the same gun. Five different models of the 84 have been produced. The 84, 84B, 84BB, 84F and 84FS. Each model has the same basic look and some part are interchangeable but the BB got the best of the 84 line. The BB has front and back grip groves, heavy slide and op rod, deepest bluing, cocks and locks. The F and FS can not be cocked and locked. they do not have the round trigger guard and they dropped the deep bluing for the burtron finish.

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OP- Congratulations on your new-to-you Beretta 84BB and may it serve you well! :cool::)
Good Shooting, Too! :)

Back in the mid-1980's I picked up the Browning BDA version of the Beretta 84 and liked it quite alot.
Had it for quite a few years, but then decided to standardize on 9x19mm Luger for my defensive and sport needs.
Had also gotten the itch for an FN FAL, and the Browning BDA, along with quite a few other Firearms, was sold off.
IF I ever get the motive to get back into the .380 ACP Cartridge, a Beretta 84 of some kind, would be high on my "Wants" list.

Walther PPK/S .380 and Browning BDA .380

Still have my Walther PPK/S, but it's been in honored semi-retirement since my PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm came home with me.
Still have Reloading Dies, Brass, and Bullets for the .380, too!
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