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Sure Sights?

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Anyone tried these on any gun? I'm on their mailing list and they recently re-worked their product and will soon be available for (at least) the MilPros. New features:

1) Tritium! Order your SureSight with or without tritium.

2) Easier install. Rear sight utilizes a set screw, and will be easier to install.

3) Adjustable. Strong like fixed sights, but easily adjustable for elevation.

4) Plastic inserts. For durable and fast acquisition.

Not cheap...ballpark $125 for the Tritium, but I like the concept. Just wonder how they perform.
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Yah, I'd want the Tritium...the regulars are ~ $99. Most of what I read is favorable. They won't be ship'n until June anyway and who knows how long until Taurus ones are ready, so I should have plenty o'time to save up. The usual competitor sights (Big Dot) are around $110 so the price isn't too out of line.

How those are cool. And the guy in the picture with the knife looks a lot like one of my buddies.
I have been on there emailing list for about a year now and they still dont have any idea when or if they are going to make these for the Taurus guns
Let us know when they do because those are cool and I would consider putting them on my 24/7.
rwcreigh said:
and whats up with his knife.
I always thought he carried an S&W. I guess he wanted to carry his knife that day.
They don't fit in many holsters due to the height of the front sight.
NYPD in AZ said:
They don't fit in many holsters due to the height of the front sight.
I never gave that any thought. I guess they would be more difficult.
NYPD in AZ said:
They don't fit in many holsters due to the height of the front sight.
The stock Heinie site is tall anyway. Possibly it will not be an issue. The site says this about the issue....

Fits in all standard holsters.
The threads I've read about them have been something of the love/hate type.
Those that love them, swear BY em'.........Those that hate em', swear AT them!

As for price, $125 isn't that expensive for tritiums, and will make these sights more desirable to those that do love them.

The drawback is they never seem to be able to produce very many sights at a given time (and this was prior to doing tritiums) and there are looooong wait's between batches.

They are also currently very limited in models that are made for, and have heard it is unlikely (or at least will be a long time coming before) they will produce anything for a Taurus.

Hell, they haven't even made a sight for Steyr pistols, which one would think would be a natural choice as they already have a Triangle/Trapizod style sight standard.
Actually $125 is quite expensive for Tritium night sights. You can get Trijicon 3-dots for $99, Meprolight sights for $80, and the ones I have on a lot of my handguns--Ameriglo for around $70.


No Taurus available but they do have for 1911's. If anyone should order, at the check out just enter "GSSF" as the promotion code and you'll get 25% off.
I don't have Sure Sights, but I went with the Nitesiters for $9.95. It was cheap to try and so I sent my money. After installing them, they been lasting for a while now, no decrease in brightness, and even brighter than my uncles trijicon. I use it on my PT111 which I carry most of the time.
I've wondered about the nitesiters. Do you just paint them on? Do you have to activate them? How often?
They are decal like dots that you place over your existing sites. They are not tritium that last for a decade before the gases go dead. But so far they have been holding up. As for activating them, 20 mins of light last about 5 hrs or more.
Thanks SinCity. I'll have to check them out again. I think I saw them on ebay one time.
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