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I had to go to the doctor as I've been having some minor spine issues also shoulder / collarbone issues that all is getting sorted out which is good. But on the way back, I thought to myself that I'm not going to drive to the usual big ammo places that I go as I'm trying to cut down on gas. So I was passing Walmart again and decided to chance it and go in while it on the way back home.

Surprisingly, I had better customer facing this time and I had an employee actually asked me if I needed help with getting to the ammo.They had some 12 and 20 gauge shells 4 shot and above, no buckshot or slugs. Also NO firearms.. and it's strange as there is always rifles and shotguns in the case so I'm wondering if they had a run on them and sold out?

I didn't ask the employee about the empty gun case, but what they had for ammo I saw a few boxes of CCI .22LR standard and .22LR mini mags (about $5.00 and $11.00 USD respectively). So I bought a few and that basically restocked anything that I shot in .22LR for the past few weeks.. gotta keep it stocked up high, right? ;)
I've been doing that for past two years now... just buying a few boxes if I see it anywhere. I like CCI, I had no problems with those at all over the years. I feel rather lucky like I hit the lottery that I was able to buy those today at that place.
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