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Stoeger Cougar

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Anyone have one of these? Its a good looking gun for a low cost. Thought about getting it and trying the rotating barrel design.
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Bubba, according to the shooting rags... some of them trustworthy.. it seems these are made over in Turkey.

All 5 sources I have say the quality is as good as when Beretta was making them.

Beretta sold tooling,jigs,lock stock and barrel(pun intended) to Turkey.Turkey's arms makers have become pretty good at making firearms in the last decade or two.

Since Turkey's gun makers are making solid world class semi-auto shotguns,side by sides, rifles, and pistols that are sold here in the States, and mostly good words have flowed from the owners, it would be hard to go wrong with the price or quality of the Stoeger.

Was going to buy a Cougar until they went off the market. Didn't know at the time Beretta was seeling off the design and all that went with it. Bought other pistol to fill the niche at the time, but things happen. :D

Waiting on a Taurus 24/7 OSS with night sights in 9mm., but won't be out until March.
Have a Ruger SR9 that's fitting the bill until then.
Weather here has made gun testing a joke until the weather 'stabilizes'. :???: ;D :D
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Good to hear from someone who has the Cougars.

The gun magazines are all hailing the attributes of the Cougar again.Glad to see it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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