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Stoeger Cougar

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Anyone have one of these? Its a good looking gun for a low cost. Thought about getting it and trying the rotating barrel design.
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qwiks you got it mostly right.

beretta actually owns stoeger so they did'nt sell it to them so much as ship it over there to turkey.

beretta discontinued the cougar a while back lack of sells i think was the reasoning.

the stoegers go for quite a bit less as the beretta stamped ones but stoeger is only making full sized 9m and .40's atm 8000/8040.

i've not had a chance to handle one but my understanding is ya they are very good quality cougars some disagree and say they're "almost" as good but i'd imagine they're probably as identical as a mass produced gun could be.

had a chance to pick one up for 330 new and i passed it up.. thinking heck if i can get it for 330 why not 300.. have'nt seen any since and i hear the price is creeping up :(
i know i know i thought about it but im such a cheap ass i thought i could hold out for a better deal yet :(
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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