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Stocks for Taurus 96? (my first thread here)

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My name is Levan and I am from Georgia. Not that Georgia you might think, which is located in southeastern USA but another Georgia, small country located in south Caucasus. I visited this forum in past searching for some info on various taurus handguns but now I have to register here and start posting because I wouldn't solve the "problem" with my taurus 96.
Few months ago I was casually searching for .22 handgun and came across this revolver. Previous owner bought this gun 13 years earlier and kept it in a polymer bag full of grease. I always knew that K22 was a fine revolver (but I have never seen one) but when I saw this Model 96 I was absolutely blasted away .... This revolver had some fantastic appearance and it was absolutely new. Price was very low and please note that here in Georgia we are not spoiled with various fine firearms and revolvers especially are very hard to get. So I didn't hesitated along and bought it. Previous owner was kind enough to provide me with original packing, manual, bore brash and few boxes of high velocity rimfire ammunition.

I really do like this revolver. It shoots nicely, is reliable and looks awesome BUT I really dont like its standard wood grips. So the question is which stocks will fit it? I will appreciate any info and advice on that matter. Generally I am partial to Hogue products and will be glad to install rubber grips on my revolver I am sure some will fit but I dont know which ones. I guess Taurus 96 shares the same frame with large bore revolvers from same manufacturer. Thanx in advance for backdrops! and here are some pictures of my revolver you might enjoy.

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Hi and a very hearty welcome to you! I also have a 96 - actually I have 2!! I'll post a picture of the one that I have been shooting - the wood grip is slightly different than yours. I have one that has a grip identical to yours but my paperwork has not gone thru yet and it is still at our firearms dealer. I should be able to bring that one home soon and I will take the grip off to see exactly what kind of frame is underneath it.

Right now, on the Hogue web page they only have a rubber grip listed for square butt medium and large frame Taurus revolvers, look here. The 96 would definitely fall into that category, but I need to check underneath the wood grips to see if it truly is a square butt. I do believe it is. There are other folks on this forum with 96's and I am sure that they will add their input, too.

Your pictures are great and it looks like you've mastered shooting the 96! Welcome again to the best gun forum on the internet!:rolleyes:

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Nice acquisition.
I really like the knife in the bottom picture.


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I have an older Model 96, made in 1987, and any grip that fits a K-frame S&W will fit it perfectly.
I'm glad to see you got your question answered by a few folks.

You're joining a great forum site here...folks that will help each other without the brand-bashing that normal on other firearms forums.
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