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Steel cased ammo

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Has anyone used Sellier&Bellot steel cased copper plated Range Safe ammo.? And will it do any harm to a Pt 92?

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Haven't used the S&B ammo of that type, but do run Silver Bear Russian made nickel plated steel case ammo through my PT111 MIl/pro and have had no issues with it.There is also a Brown Bear brass plated steel case ammo that operates well to.

Wolf's Polyperformance ammo operate on the same basis. Coat the steel for function,extraction and performance reasons.

Granted I cannot say what it does to the innards of a PT92, but my PT111 has had no wear,tear, or function problems at all with what is described above.

This above mentioned Russian ammo runs through my Ruger P95s and P97s without any debilitating results.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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