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Stainless PT-92 levers metal.

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I was cleaning my 92 the other day.. it is the stainless variant.. AFS

anyway i took the take down lever out including button, spring, and also the slide catch.

i noticed on both the slide catch and the take down lever that although it's chromed or plated there seemed to be some discoloration on it in the back where you would'nt see when it's put together.. (taurus is really bad for leaving unseen areas rough.. i know my frame look like someone went nuts with a hammer under the grips.

anyhow the discoloration looksl like a copper color, i've used tools and other things that have been copper and the plating wore off, this looks the same.

i know the barrel/slide is stainless.. does anyone know what the levers are made out of?

EDIT: using copper and chrome as keywords i found out that there are a lot of different types of chrome and ways to do it.. apparently one method includes a copper plating, then either going straight to chrome or a nickel plating then chroming..

but im getting a lot of conflicting information.., it could be a explanation for why i see copper discoloration.. or it could be that it is made of copper itself.. even if it's part of the plating.. still a mystery as to what metal is actually underneath it.

so if anyone has any facts on what they're made out of let me know.. i got plenty of speculation to last 2 threads :eek:
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I don't know, but since I have one of these, I'm going to watch closely. Thanks for the thread.
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