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Stainless Firing Pin?

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I recently saw a PT 92 firing pin on Ebay which was listed as stainless and was visibly either stainless or chrome.

None of my PT 92s, stainless or otherwise, have stainless firing pins - they are all blued.

Does anyone have any further information on stainless steel firing pins for the PT 92? Were they produced this way by Taurus, and if so, why did production revert to the standard blued steel firing pins? Was there ever an aftermarket producer of stainless firing pins for this design?

Thanks in advance for any information.
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Some grades of stainless steel are softer than the heat treated carbon steel used in most firing pins. I would think that any of the 300 series SSs would mushroom. 400 can be heatreated, but is expensive compared to carbon steel.
People sometimes think that there's a very simple, one dimensional ranking for products. Life isn't nearly that simple.

Factors that can drive the choice of metal for a particular application can include wear resistance, corrosion resistance, malleability, brittleness, and even more exotic concerns like performance at temperature extremes and whether the use of a metal will mean that someone, sometime will have to deal with hazardous waste. If it's not being recycled, brass is usually hazardous waste, for instance.

Metallurgists take all of this into account when they choose a metal for gun parts. Replacing parts just because "stainless is better" isn't always smart. And just to be clear, I'm not directing these comments at anyone. I've made mods I've regretted before myself.
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I have no idea on the 92/99 but a few of my weapons do have stainless firing pins, CZ, 1911 and Tanfoglio.
The mystery is solved. I purchased the "stainless" firing pin and received it in the mail today. It is not stainless, but was listed as such and appeared to be in the lot photo.
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