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Springfield 22

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  1. I dug out an old Springfield 22 model 87R so that I could clean it up before I hand it down to
    my son, it was passed down to me.
    It's been in gun cabinet for about twenty years or so, I had oiled it up good before I locked it away.
    Well bore is clean as a whistle, bolt seems ok, but saftey is locked in saftey position, all that oil gummed up/
    Started cleaning metal with solvent, had the stock off and deceided to remove the trigger guard so I could
    refinish the wood later. Guard was stuck too, didn't want to pry anything under it and damage stock, I was taping
    it with butt of screw driver with no luck, put screwdiver handle through the guard and tried to put pressure on it thinking it would come loose, dang if it didn't break into three pieces.
    Metal is casted pot metal.
    Any ideas were I could find parts for such an old gun? Worst case scenario I will have to machine one.
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Hey, found my part at https://www.gunpartscorp.com/
Got some pics? I think my brother has one like to compare.
Yes, Numrich's email is the gunpartscorp.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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