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Speed Loaders for my new Toy S&W 642 .38 Spedial?

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Have several questions for you experienced Revolver shooters. First what are some good speed loaders for my S&W 642? Am having a bit of trouble finding some. I have read that HKS has one that works OK. Has anyone had any experience with one? Also have seen one advertised by Maxfire, but can't find my Smith's model #. Anyone have any experience with these? Was also considering some speed strips by Bianchi. Last question- Where besides Midway can you find a good retail supplier for these different types of firearms supplies? Thanks in advance.

By the way, I make a habit of checking the Taurus Armed forum most every day & really
enjoy the talk and the info available here. Good moderators make for an enjoyable forum.
Thanks for your time and efforts.
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I like the safariland comp1s better than hks.the speed strips are great also,not as fast but carry real nice. as to midway they're great,but also try www.cheaperthandirt.com and www.sportsmansguide.com also www.ammunitiontogo.com has great prices on SD ammo
Been using HKS speedloaders and Bianchi speed strips for the better part of 22 years. On and off-duty. I may be biased towards them but they've worked for me.
I prefer the Safariland but also use Speed strips. The HKS speed loaders work great too, its all in what you prefer. I do keep some HKS around for the occasional times I want to have a different load available, different action means I'm less likely to stuff the wrong load in (unless its all I have left :'( )

From what I've head the Maxfire doesn't hold up as well long term. The rounds aren't retained well after the unit gets broken in well. And if you take a look at it (even in the online pics) its a much bulkier piece of hardware than the other options discussed here.

I got a couple HKS for my Tracker, they work well, no complaints.
I also have 2 HKS speedloaders for my Tracker..they work great...
Used them before on a Ruger GP100 at one time, they were a little tough, but still worked..
guess it just depends on the gun and ammo...
I know that on my Ruger, if i put 38s they worked fine..but with .357 i had to wiggle them a little.. :rolleyes:

I have read some posts on speed strips,seems guys really like them..guess they are easier to carry in your pocket than speed loaders.... ;)
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