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Spectrum in .32 ACP

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The Spectrum would be a perfect platform for .32 ACP. There's allot of people who prefer .32 acp over .380. Keltec would be your only competition, as you could easily price under a Seacamp or Beretta. Those who own PT732s love them; you should have never given up the .32 market. The market is right, and Taurus could easily dominate the .32 ACP market, if they did a quality peace at an affordable price. The Spectrum has nice style, sleek lines, and good design. But it's only just another pistol in vast market of .380s,,,,,, that with Taurus's reputation teetering; you can do better. Why not dominate the .32 market and reestablish a reputation as one of the best .32s out there. If people will pay that much for a Seacamp the money is there. I would gladly pay for a spectrum in .32 acp the same I did for either of my two PT111G2s.
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