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For me, pocket guns are for DEEP concealment, starting with the pocket. I have tried OWB holsters for my LCP II and TCP, like Fobus and Remora. To be honest, I have found that DeSantis works best as a pocket holster for these small guns, and the Uncle Mike's nylon for IWB.

For super deep concealment, I put either of the two mentioned guns in Uncle Mike, inside underwear waistband, tucked in shirt with gun belt and it is comfortable and invisible. The grip has to be above the belt line, and extended magazines work really well for this. Of course, the draw requires that you pull your shirt out [thus the reason for the gun to be inside underwear] then draw the gun. If you have to fire the gun, your un-tucked shirt is just a wardrobe malfunction.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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