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I really like my Spectrum, but one thing that I think could improve it is the construction of the finger rest on the 7 round magazine. I know the Spectrum is for carry and not as suited for extended round counts at the range, but after about 50 rounds it was my pinky finger that was starting to get sore.

I’m guessing the magazine base plates are made from the same polymer that the frame is made from since they’re available in the same black, white, and gray colors.

Would it be possible to mold an entire magazine baseplate from the same soft touch polymer as the grip inlays? If not a solid piece of it, maybe incorporating some inlays in to the magazine baseplate to provide some cushion on the front where the pad of one’s pinky finger hits.

It would be really nice if such a magazine baseplate could be sold on its own as an upgrade rather than having to buy a full new magazine... but if not I’d still upgrade my magazines to ones with a cushioned pinky grip.
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