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I have been eying the SP101 since I first became a firearms enthusiast. I was at the range today lurking at the new and used firearm case. There was an associate there who is really nice and I was telling her about my long interest in the SP101 (I had no range gear, just dropped by). She motioned me over to the check in counter and told me to wait there for a minute. She then summoned me into a vacant range, lane 16. She had ears, eyes, a rental sp101, a silhouette target and a box of 125 grain magnum. She said "go ahead see what you think"! I love this range by the way!

My first impression dry firing was long smooth trigger pull and decent reset. The springs have a smooth rebound however not crisp like my M605. I did notice the Taurus M605 has a shorter crisper trigger pull and a slightly quicker reset. The stock grip was average and I could see how an upgrade would be desirable, however it was still very doable since I have medium sized hands. I did not have a chance to shoot 38special I went right to hot Magnum(since it was free LOL). I shot mostly double action which I prefer since it is most realistic in a defensive situation. I have to admit I definitely flinched and nose dived anticipating recoil for the first few rounds. After two cylinders I was on target and used to the trigger. Recoil even with 125 grain was very doable. The muzzle flash was worse than the felt recoil and the added weight and heft of the Sp101 is a real benefit. I was able to shoot one handed with no problem. Where the trigger seemed slightly mushy dry firing it really performed well with live rounds. I was able to rapid fire with no issues. There was no stacking, no strange spring rebound, no binding, all in all very smooth. Target re-acquisition was very manageable even with the hotter magnum. Although I kept it at 7 yards (since it is a new gun to me) static target acquisition (taking my time and concentrating ) with controlled double action and single action was very very accurate. Once I got used to the sites it was a close range tack driver. As accurate as I could shoot it.

I give this snubby a 4/5 stars. The only thing that dinged it for me would be carrying it loaded, which might be a little bulky for CCW. I also asked how old the gun was and she stated it was fairly new with possibly under a 1000 rounds through it. I am guessing allot of that was magnum. The reason I asked was the cylinder had a noticeable amount of end play. I pointed this out to her so that the range gunsmith could address it. The end play by no means effected the performance and it cycled well. I could tell right away even a little loose this bad boy is 100% dependable. The caveat being allot of folks complain about tolerances on the Taurus snubbies and how the Sp101 is a tank but this proved that even the big boy of CCW snubbies is volatile to extreme pressures of magnum. If it was mine I would be sending it to Ruger for some shimming ;)

The bottom line is I will get one soon, great value for the money!
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