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With all the new folks to shooting there may be a need to start a personal reference library for each new shooter. Here's the reasoning.

The Internet is a good source for some info, but not all info. There are things that have to be learned by having instruction given, mentoring done on a case by case basis, or just a source of pertinent info needed at hand right then and right now.

Ethical, moral, and safety reasons enter into all this as well. These all play an overall basis in what should do as well as are the foundation or bedrock of our lives.

So with that in mind here's some links from the archives that give a basis or foundation for that library.

These libraries need not be vast or expensive. Just a few books on the subjects one needs to know about.

This reference library can be updated every couple of years or as needed.

Sources of info need to be verified and from accreditied writers. Check the author's credentials. As Sgt. Shultz is heard to say on Hogan's Heroes, " I know nothing, nothing, nothing." Could be the author's credentials in that area.

Feel free to add other sources to this. These links have some of the sources for books that are available. Videos by accreditted instructors are also worthy of note. Some of these links for books are also ones for videos.


This will remain a stickie for short time and then be put into the archives.

Ed Lovette, Al Pickles, Chuck Karwan, Chuck Taylor, Jeff Cirillo, Massad Ayoob,David Spaulding, Skeeter Skelton, Bart Skelton, Shimek, Duane Thomas,Patrick Sweeney, Peter Kokalis,David M.Fortier, John Wilson.

This is a partial listing of authors who've been there, done that,and are accredited sources.
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