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My stockpile is running very low on every caliber, need to get back to the benches. I am very well stocked up on components, so it's just me being lazy. :)

My change over consists of moving my stool from one press to another, I have 5 lined up ready for action. The only real change over I have to do, is from 44mag to 45LC and 357mag to 38sp. That only requires a tool-head change, everything is set, may need minor tweaking.

I have been using Titegroup, it works well in 9, 40, 45 and 38sp... a little dirty, but I don't really care since I'll be cleaning anyway. I have a couple pounds of HS-6 I'm going to try, it seems to work well in 9mm so far.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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