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I have mostly 45acp handguns. I've gotten my hands on 5 green 50 cal tins and I'm going to fill them with different calibers. It would have made much more sense for me to have started with 45, and 9mm factory ammo is DIRT cheap right now, but for some reason I wanted to do the 9mm first so that's what I've been cranking out. Like you, some weeks I load up a few hundred, some just a hundred or so, just depends on what my work is like and if I get lunch time or not. I was just tired of messing with 45acp at the time too, I guess. After I finish this run, I'll be tired of 9mm but will have a lot ready for range visits, and I can start working on either 45 or 38 special. :shooter:
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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