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New member here and just appreciate the opportunity of being on this forum. A long time lurker and reader and decided with my few Taurus sixguns there was some historical info it would be nice to get. I have two early model 80's that were purchased in recent times. I have been collecting PD revolvers for many years and have always been enamored by the some of the features of the early Model 80 sixguns of Taurus. I have listed below some of these features to include a couple of facts that I would appreciate knowing if these facts are accurate or not.

1-The early Model 80 had these "linear serrations" that traversed the cylinder flutes and some more of the same on the topstrap and front sight. These are very expensive for a firearms company to put on a revolver. The high dollar old style S&W Model 27 comes to mind when viewing these serrations.

2-The hammer was humpback in shape like the old S&W Model of 1905 hammers were. Which were specifically made for single-action fire, I believe.

3-The blue-finish on my like-new older Model 80 is absolutely unbelievable! It is a deep rich-looking blue finish reminiscent of the old Colt Factory Blue Finish from yesteryear days.

4-I believe the Model 80 got out in 1971 and over the course of a 25+year period the Model 80 morphed into a much easier-to-manufacture revolver before termination in 1996.

5-The Model 80 has a fasinating history but has NEVER received the respect due because of "?"

Once again if some of the "more-informed" members at Taurus Armed would be so kind as to elaborate on the Model 80 it would be deeply appreciated. This gun got out in the hundreds of thousands over its manufacture years (71-96) and was used all over the world. Hopefully, I would like to write a book on this unrespected, but great, .38 sixgun and any data I can get helps me to reach this goal. My thanks in advance and my deepest appreciation for being here.

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