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Some dealers are really quite sneaky...

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So… my dealer left a message on my answering machine saying he had something I might be interested in.

So… I went by his shop this morning and he lays out this package deal in front of me, saying he’d ordered the pistol for another customer who’d found it shot low, and traded it, along with a lot of ammo and an M3 light, for a used Glock 26.

So… I foolishly admitted that I still had some of the dealer’s money in my wallet, if he wanted to trade my pistol for hise money.

So… I get it home, give it a quick cleaning and take it out back to see how bad I’ve been taken. I shot 185s, 200s, and 230 grain bullets in both JHP and FMJ styles and could not make the dang thing hiccup, and the sights seem well regulated for a dead-on hold at 25 yards.

So… how did your day go?

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Is that a 9mm? You don't mention in your post what model this is. And what about that ammo? Where do you find this stuff?
From the sounds of things, you seem to have gotten a great deal. :)
Taking it back out to shoot again in the near future?
Nice! :) From the bullet weights, I think it's a 45.
This very much looks like a 24/7 models... wouldn't call the dealer sneaky, perhaps generous.

It is the 24/7 PRO in .45ACP. I don't think the ammo is available any longer, but don't quote me on that!

I do plan on putting more rounds thru it this weekend.
I really hope you will be happy with this one. I wouldn't mind having one myself, but the PT145 is a good shooter in it's own right
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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