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***SOLD*** Taurus PT92 - FTF, Houston Texas

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Want to sell my Taurus PT92. Selling it because it's just too large for my small hand size. It is the blued AF model (ambi safety/decocker), pre-lock, pre-Picatinny rail.

I am 2nd owner, so I don't know total round count, but I have had it since 2003 and have probably put fewer than 600 rounds or so through it. I've had two dealers look at it for trade-in, and one rated it 80-85%, one 85-90%. It is blued, and shows character - general use & holster wear - on the barrel and corners of frame/slide. Sites are old style two-dot rear, single dot front (which was blacked out by previous owner). I have put Pachmayr full signature grips on it (rubber w/finger grooves; no backstrap cover). Comes in original box with two 17-round mags and manual. No papers or factory-fired case.

It's never given me a problem, FTF/FTE, etc. This would make a good 1st autoloader, truck gun, or all-around plinker.

Asking $225 firm FTF. I'm in NE metro Houston, Lake Houston area. For pics, please pm or email me, [email protected].

Only trades considered would be toward:
-Ruger Sp101, .357 Mag
-3rd generation Millennium Pro 9mm (DA/SA trigger)
-Lee auto-index Turret Press

Thanks for looking,
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Re: WTS Taurus PT92 - FTF, Houston Texas

Does it have a rail on it or not?
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