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Congratulations on your new-to-you PT92 and Welcome to the Forum!

Bluedragon said:
Would modern grips for the guns with a decocker fit onto the non decocker model? like the factory black plastic grips?

Bluedragon said:
Also what parts would i need to take off the lanyard looP? I have seen newer 92's be without the loop, and had a a circle looking thing in it's place that was flush fit. But dont know what that is called...
You would need the newer Mainspring Plug, but as the newer Mainspring Plug is meant to work with the new Taurus Security System, I am not sure that it would be compatible. If you prefer the newer Lanyard Attachment, I would just try it anyways. DO NOT just cut off the Lanyard Loop, as that is necessary to remove the Mainspring Plug to replace the Main/Hammer Spring, should that maintenance be needed. A possible modification would be to remove the Mainspring Plug, cut off the Lanyard Loop, and then cut a Screwdriver Slot into the Mainspring Plug.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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