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If I remember, Beretta was making their model 92 for the Brazilian military. When the contract expired in 1981, Taurus bought all the machine tools and continued to produce the PT92. The same gun as the Model 92 except with Taurus roll marks. A couple of years later, Taurus changed the location of the mag release. I purchased a new PT92 in 1987. It had the mag release behind the trigger and a frame safety instead of the safety mounted on the slide.
Taurus bought the Brazilian Beretta plant (not only the machinery) in May, 1980. The former Beretta plant became "Unit 2" of Taurus, in São Paulo state, while Unit 1 (that made only revolvers at that time) is located in Rio Grande do Sul state.

Unit 2 was closed in 1994, being all production moved to Unit 1. First pistol series made in Unit 1 are easily identified by checkered, wood grips.

Beretta 92 was adopted by Brazilian Army in 1975, but the replacement of .45 ACP by 9mm Luger started three years before, with Beretta M12 submachine guns replacing the INA (a Brazilian .45 ACP licenced copy of Madsen SMG).

In 1973, the 9mm Luger started to be used in pistols with M973 model - 1911 A-1 pistols rechambered for 9mm Luger.
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