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small revolver for pocket carry

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I'm looking for one to carry on really hot days so i dont need a holster. Anyone know of a .44 mag that would be suitable? Preferably an Ultra-Lite. I know a .357 mag or even a .38 sp with +P will be plenty of firepower but i like the bigger boomers haha. Thanks in advance

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how about a Derringer. But murder on the hands in any sizeable caliber.
Here's the smallest 44 mag I know of (just a random one from Gunbroker as its not listed on the Taurus site):

Otherwise if 44 spec or 45 LC will work, Taurus made both steel, ultralight (aluminum frame) and titanium snubbies that you could try and find used. But all of these are still medium frame guns not a small frame gun like a 38/357 5 shot snubbie.

CIA 850 not too bad to carry, sometimes i forget i have it on me

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You might like the big boomers, but think about how difficult it will be to use one proficiently in a defense situation. Have you ever shot an ultra light, compact 44 magnum? I have shot a titanium .41 mag, and I can tell you that it's not fun. Follow up shots are a pain. Also think about over penetration; you are responsible for wherever that round ends up.

If you still want a big bore revolver, a .44 special may be more suitable as a self defense round.
IMO your looking for a small revolver well 38 is fine worked for years i figure if it was good enough for years by the LEOs well good enough for me.
A small 38 snub is probably about as good as it is going to get for a pocket type revolver. Check out the new Ruger 380 semi auto. 6 + 1 i think it is and palm sized. Hide that little thing anywhere.
S&W 642
Desantis pocket holster
quality self defense ammo
at least one reload

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IMO, .44 mag is way too much for concealed carry. If you are close range and shoot a person with it, you had better hope that there isn't anyone near behind them, because the bullet is going to hit them too.
You know, you don't need a magnum to get the job done, necessarily. Something like the old Rossi 720 in 44 special would be a great pocket gun.
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