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I've problems with my hands and wrist from time to time. There are days I have a hard time racking a slide on some of my larger auto's like a 10mm Witness with a heavy spring.

In my case a little back ground, I was hit head on while riding a motorcycle 7/5/10. A lady in a Ford Ranger went left of center to make a turn and got me. Both arms, wrist, and hands took the most physical damage. In short, my arms and wrist have a wee bit of stainless steel in them, and the nerves in both arms had to sorted and rerouted.

Sometimes they just don't want to work right. So I looked into a couple of products. The first is the Pachmayr rack-it, and the second is the Handi-Racker. Both tools are made from non marking plastic, both tools are in the same price range. Handi-Racker comes in two models, the orange is for full size, and green for compacts. The Pachmayr is supposed to be a one size fits all.


The Handi-Racker (below) is a one piece low profile tool with two sides based on slide width. Like the Pachmyer, you use the tool to butt up against the slide to push it back.

The Pachmyer, (Below) is two pieces that you move the baffle as needed to the individual pistol. The baffle is a loop that fits over your barrel when used. In the instructions, this tool has a lanyard loop that must face the same direction as the muzzle. I don't really know why as it will work either way if the baffle is in the right spot.

Looking at the profile, the Handi-Racker is a much lower profile than the Pachmayr.

The Handi-Racker is a simpler tool and because of that, it worked very well. You pick the side you need, keep your fingers off the trigger and rack the slide where your hand is over the slide and not over the muzzle.

The Pachmayr is the same, but you need to figure out where to put the baffle with the loop, and work with some pistols that do not have bull barrels, compensators, or CZ TYPE PISTOLS. I wish I'd seen the fine print before purchasing.

Both tools claim they may not be suitable for sub compact pistols and the Handi-Racker does have a compact model that may work.

Both worked fine on 1911 type pistols, the Pachmayr did catch a bit on bull barrels for the 9mm, and a no go on my one .45's with a bull barrel.

The Pachmayr did fine on my PT92, the Handi-Racker did as well, but didn't seem to catch much of the slide.

Now where I wish I'd seen the fine print, the Pachmayr does not work well with CZ type actions and the loop will hang up on the frame or guide rod. It was my 10mm that got me looking for a tool, the Handi-Racker worked excellent on the CZ type pistols. Between the two tools, the Handi-Racker did better over all. It is simpler, and more intuitive in its use. I will buy the compact at a later date just to test. It also give you more to hold onto than the Pachmayr.

It is only the occasional problem with my hands and arms, and only the 10mm Witness when it comes into play. 1911's and my other assorted .45's I do not have a problem, but I do know there are people here that have given up on some of the bigger autos due to arthritis and nerve damage that could benefit from one of these tools. Some of the blowback .380's and 9mm Mak have pretty stiff springs. I suspect the compact Handi-Racker may be the tool you need.

Neither tool will work with compensators.


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Excellent review! Thank You
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