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Skeletonized hammer for pt92

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The gun I'm contemplating the modification on is a pt92 b from 1992. I love that one more than my 1995.. it shoots truer and feels better (to me)

Its just your basic black color.. so does anyone know of a place to get the skeletonized hammer? Or what are your thoughts on the mod?

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Bumping this.... maybe I'm out of luck?
I'll bump it along for you too.

Sorry I can't offer you any insights on what you are considering.
OK, maybe I am off in my thinking here, but doesn't the PT92 have the simple little hammer with the hole in it. Not much more there that could be removed is what I am thinking. But then my thinking can be off center at times. What is it I'm missing?
Yeah, but I've seen a few with some with hammers that have a lot less to them..

Perhaps they were berettas and I'm remembering wrong...idk.
OK, there is a bit less hammer present there. Maybe some bench vice and a Dremel would slowly get you there?
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