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Shoulder holsters

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Shoulder holsters are obviously in a class of their own, requiring a certain kind of ward robe. I'm curious whether anyone here carries a shoulder holster for CCW purposes - maybe in winter?

Also I'd like input about the pros and cons of vertical and horizontal shoulder holsters. I knew a narc who carried a 4 inch revolver in a muzzle-up vertical shoulder holster.

Thanks a million

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A quick check only turned up 2 threads but the first one ran a couple pages I think.

I just got one of these:


Couldn't resist the closeout price. In certain situations I think it will work out great. It does take some time to get the thing adjusted properly though.
I've carried a couple of pistols in shoulder rigs, which were very well suited for my purposes. Unfortunately, I was involved in an on-duty car crash several years ago, with resulting damage to neck and shoulders. I soon discovered that it agrivated my injury to use a shoulder rig, and had to discontinue.

The guy that hit us was a drunk lawyer, and we were in an unmarked police car. My partner was carrying his .38 spl. snubby in a shoulder holster, and he was driving. After we got to the hospital, he discovered that his holster was empty. Officers at the scene recovered his gun from the floor of the car. We were hit hard enough from the rear, to knock the gun from his holster. It was the type that carried the muzzle up, and held in place by a cloth elastic strap. No safety strap. That nite I was carrying my S&W model 19 on my hip, so my weapon staryed put. That was in the pre-autoloader days of policing.

My partner and I both went back to duty and eventually retired. The drunk lawyer found another line of work, and we settled the civil case for an undisclosed amount. But I'd gladly give back the money if it would remove my pain.
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I tried one on at Academy and I could not get used to the way it felt after walking around the store with it on and the fake blue gun they have there for more then an hour. It was very uncomfortable so Ill stick with my IWB cheapo holster
I have at least four different shoulder holster sets, and two I use fairly regular still. First thing I learned, adjusting and getting any shoulder rig to be comfortable is a time consuming, numerous small adjustment process. I have a "Shooting Systems" which is currently set up for a Makarov, and does see some use, in the four or so months of a year our climate allows enough clothing to not look suspicious. My more often wear is an Uncle Mikes "sidekick" size 0, which carries my Taurus 445 Titanium .44 along with a speed loader under the opposite arm pit.
Both of these are comfortable to wear all day, NOW, but surely were not when first obtained. I'll bet I made some small adjustments to both of these outfits for up to two weeks or maybe even longer, when first starting to wear, but now, in spite of adding more pounds to my belly, they are still comfortable.
The Uncle Mikes was not expensive, about $40 as I remember, with the speed loader pouch, although the Shooting Systems was much more expensive, however can supply additional holsters for different pistols, which can save you well over half of the original cost.
I like shoulder holster carry, during the time of the year when they can be concealed and not draw attention, as you can engage in many activities without discomfort or having to remove. Your mileage may vary. Today, I can not think of any leather shoulder rig I would consider, as even the good ones do not give and will eat you up in tight areas.
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I use shoulder holsters all the time. I used to carry a glock 30 in a horizontal rig with the ammo pouces on the other side with a jacket or flannel in the winter time. And during the summer I use a bunch of Hawain shirts that conceal pretty good. Now I carry my Taurus m44 in pretty much the same place I usually button the bottom of the shirt as to not expose myself and leave the top open for easy access. I can handle that in 90 degree weather and people don't look at me twice since it looks like I'm on a permannet vacation.
I don't own a shoulder holster but I've sewn pockets inside of my leather vests an leather coats for when I'm riding my motorcycle. Less chance of it being seen when on bike. Ends up with the gun over left breast not under arm like the shoulder rig. Looks like I'm getting a cigarette when I draw. :)
I used to use an Uncle Mike's shoulder holster when i carried my .357 hunting, but don't think I would like for concealed carry.
I used to use an Uncle Mike's shoulder holster when i carried my .357 hunting, but don't think I would like for concealed carry.
i have the same holster also,i use it for hiking..
not sure i could handle any shoulder holster for CC,
and they are a bugger to get adjusted right(had mine a month still trying to get it right)
I did have one that was for my 1911 once,it was like a cross draw i think, tried to like it, just was to hot to use it concealed(ARIZONA)...just used my waist band one..

As far as in the winter here.... you are always taking your coat off or on..so i never really was concealed
Lately I've thought about picking up one to use when driving longer distances. I'd still have my XD on my hip but my M650 in the shoulder holster for easy access.

IF I decide to get one I'll be getting either a Galco or a Null.

I picked up a universal, pistol type shoulder holster, an NO NAME TYPE.

I kind of like having the option, but it is so darn universal, that getting it ready to wear is going to be a bear. It had 3 mag holders, one on the holster, and two on the off side. You can adjust it to carry low, or high. It has retention straps on both sides to keep from flopping around. But there is no way that I have figured out yet to use it without the double mag holder, and the retention on that side.

With my PT111, I am considering wearing it high, but that will have to wait til I can carry off the property concealed for a whole day or two.

How do you think is best to carry, HIGH, or low!!
Shoulder holsters take time to get used to. Just like IWB, OWB, SOB, and all other holsters. Just think about the size of your weapon. A 24/7 is easier to conceal than a PT-92 or PT-1911. Good luck & good hunting.
Robby said:
I picked up a universal, pistol type shoulder holster, an NO NAME TYPE.

How do you think is best to carry, HIGH, or low!!
First universal holsters are very seldom good. I went through several myself. To find that out.

If you get a good shoulder holster try to carry 3-4 inches lower than your under arm. Same for your mag pouch. Or check out CCWSUPPLY.BIZ for free download of inst.
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