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i have used a shoulder rig occasionally, usually when on my motorcycle for extennded runs. it's simply more comfortable than my iwb. i cover it with my mc vest or jacket. i don't think one could use a shoulder rig under a shirt. you pretty much need to wear a vest, jacket or cardigan type sweater: something that opens fully to the front. i have an uncle mike's. it's not fancy nor expensive, just works for what i want it for. i read several posts on other forums i belong to that really criticize use of shoulder rigs, mainly because of the supposed capability of a bad guy easily taking your gun from you from a shoulder rig. with their reasoning like that, it would be just as easy for a bg to take your gun from any holster you would be wearing. there is one guy who makes fun of any discussion of such by "cueing the theme song to miami vice". hey, to each his own. outside of this, i really don't have any other recommendations.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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