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Shoulder Holsters

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OK, don't hear a lot about shoulder rigs. What are your experiences and or recommendations. Particularly deep concealment. Under a shirt etc. ???
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I'd be interested in some shoulder holster info also. I've been thinking about getting one.
i have used a shoulder rig occasionally, usually when on my motorcycle for extennded runs. it's simply more comfortable than my iwb. i cover it with my mc vest or jacket. i don't think one could use a shoulder rig under a shirt. you pretty much need to wear a vest, jacket or cardigan type sweater: something that opens fully to the front. i have an uncle mike's. it's not fancy nor expensive, just works for what i want it for. i read several posts on other forums i belong to that really criticize use of shoulder rigs, mainly because of the supposed capability of a bad guy easily taking your gun from you from a shoulder rig. with their reasoning like that, it would be just as easy for a bg to take your gun from any holster you would be wearing. there is one guy who makes fun of any discussion of such by "cueing the theme song to miami vice". hey, to each his own. outside of this, i really don't have any other recommendations.
IF I were to chose a shoulder holster for deep concealment I'd take a serious look at Kenneth Null's work.

Now beyond that, if someone were to want one for normal carry, I've heard good things about the Galco stuff. And McAndrews Leather has some "interesting" designs as well (too bad I can't find the address right now).

Kramer Leather has the Confidant shirt holster. This is a mesh undergarment that has a pocket sewn in on each side of the shirt to hold the pistol in one and spare ammo in the other. These sell for $40.00-$50.00 depending on the length of the shirt.This is at www.kramerleather.com

Second choice could be a belly band such as the one made by Bianchi. This has room for pistol, spare ammo, and various other items.

These are worn at waist or navel level with the gun at a crossdraw position. One can use a shirt with snaps and leave one snap undone or a shirt with a button undone, but one that can be secured with velcro instead of the button .One knifes the right hand through the opening and pulls the gun out through it.

Lefties can use either of these suggestions as well.
www.thunderwear.com is a really deep cover holster one wears as a crotch holster. They do work, but I have a problem with a loaded gun pointing at the unmentionables.
I found the address that I couldn't find before. It would have helped if I'd remembered the name right....


Now I've never ordered anything from here and I don't recall anyone recently having used his stuff but some here might be interested.

there are also some really nice shoulder rigs here:

I started out 100% shoulder rig. I'm a BIG guy but have 00 butt so I can barely keep my pants up as it is. When I tried IWB it was just a joke.

I got so tired of burning up in the Texas heat wearing a cover shirt for the shoulder rig that I went back and played with the IWB again. Turns out it was a belt issue. I got a better belt (100% elastic with a lot of tension) and i'm very happy now with IWB. I also started wearing the buckle on my side instead of in front. It's a little more comfortable and makes adjusting the belt between sitting and standing very easy.

I'm now on the waiting list to get the Summer Special II from http://www.miltsparks.com/ . It's a 26 week wait but I'm told it's one of the best holsters to have. Now i wouldn't trade IWB carry for anything.
Thats one thing that I suspect turns some off from IWB carry. They try it with a cheap holster and/or belt and it sucks.

LEDJedi, I'm not sure how that belt will work out long term but if it works for you good. You might want to get a spare belt to have around, that way if you start having issues you can switch to the new belt and see if they go away.

Steelheart said:
LEDJedi, I'm not sure how that belt will work out long term but if it works for you good. You might want to get a spare belt to have around, that way if you start having issues you can switch to the new belt and see if they go away.

I plan on getting a Wilderness belt sometime soon. I may become my primary if i like it, if not it'll be a good backup. I have a friend that swears by them.

I'm also planning on getting a good pair of suspenders to wear under my shirt soon. This is the vendor that was recommended to me. That should help with some of the issues with the added weight from the gun. see link
Sounds like a plan. If you haven't picked a place to get the Wilderness from I've had good luck from Gunners Alley. Their prices seem to be good and they have a nice return policy. I just double checked and they don't carry the full line from Wilderness, but its probably worth a look-see.

A side note; if you wear a shoulder rig and need to dress up, check out Men's Warehouse. They did a suit for me, fitted with rig and gun in place and added extra material to prevent excess wear and tear. For going the extra for me I'll buy all my good duds there.
I've got a Wilderness belt, and its the most comfortable belt I have ever had. I can wear a full size, 17 round, 9mm in my belt without pulling down my pants. I have the "ring belt" style. Next payday, its the Instructor belt in a wider width.
I'm planning on getting one of these:


for my 24/7 in the near future. I've seen their stuff at local gun shows, and its high quality and not that expensive. They've just never had one that fit a 24/7 at the show. They said I have to special order it through their site, but that there's no special order fee. I'll probably go for the suede lining on mine.
Years ago I carried a shoulder rig for backup gun and off duty. One was a combo leather and nylon vertical carry rig used for a 1st generation S&W mod. 59, and the other a nylon horizontal rig for a Walther PPK. Unfortunately after an auto crash, I sustained a lifetime neck injury which prevents me from putting any weight on my shoulders for any length of time. :(

My partner and I were in a patrol car, rear-ended by a drunk lawyer. :thumb: We settled out of court in the law-suit against him, for an "undisclosed amount" but all things considered, I'd rather not have the pain.
I used to have a shoulder holster as my preferred method of carry. I got tired of the neck and shoulder pain and having to wear a cover shirt in Texas heat. I've since switched to IWB with a better belt. I can't even begin to express how much happier I am with the situation.
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