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My Winchester is like that right out of the box. My Remington Spartan and my old side by side 12 lack a little drop at comb to be right, but the Spartan was a little short in pull length and adding a recoil pad to improve that also helped the drop. It's still a little high, but almost right.

Basically, there is cant in or out and drop at comb as well as length of pull. You know those $30K side by sides Holland and Holland build? You fly to London and they take your measurements with a tool made to do that and tailor build the shotgun to fit you. The only way to go if you're Dick Cheney. However, for mere financial mortals, we have to deal with off the shelf.

However, you CAN change the drop and the cant and add length or cut it off a stock on a repeater. Mossberg, and I believe Remington, make shim kits. I did it the cheap way on my Mossberg 500, though, and just cut shims out of a pop bottle. I used my fantastic fitting M1400 Winchester to compare with. It took 4 shims from that pop bottle to get the drop down right. After adjusting it, I took it on a duck hunt.

Before, I would get beat up by that gun, would actually CUT my cheek, especially on crossing shots. Lowering the stock, now I don't have to crawl the stock to get down on the rib. Not only does it not even TOUCH my cheek on recoil now, even on those crossing shots when my feet are mired in the mud and I can't face the target, but the gun is so much quicker to point, though snap shots I used to have problems getting on in time are now super easy as the gun practically points itself.

Most bird hunters who hunt with off the shelf shotguns don't realize how important proper shotgun fit really is. A gun that points natural is much quicker and solves so many other problems. Now, the only thing that hurts after a limit of ducks is a little soreness in my shoulder which is no big deal really. At least it doesn't cause blood loss and it ain't like I ain't used to it.

That Winchester 1400 is a gas auto and is just SO sweet. It isn't my favorite for ducks, but for dove I love the thing. It points natural and it is so soft on the shoulder I never even put a recoil pad on it. I have done 3 day bird hunts where I've burned up 4 boxes of dove loads and no soreness at all, shoots light as a 20 gauge pump. It's a good duck gun, too, but limited to 2 3/4" loads and the crossbolt safety and shell elevator bother me in the marsh. I prefer the tang safety of the Mossberg and the lack of a shell elevator in the way when I'm reloading with heavy gloves on. I shoot left handed and am so used to shooting double guns, the tang safety is much quicker and more natural for me.
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