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The safety is what I usually seem as a Swenson safety... named for a famous gun smith of a generation ago. Actually the safety is held in my the tab that fits under the right hand grip. Shortening the safety would be of not value in this regard... only for fitting such grips as the lastermax grips.

One hint is to press the back of the grip together periodically. I find that the edge and vee assembly is dependent on the friction of the vee part of the right hand safety. I have no idea if anything like loctite would help, but I have found that at the beginning of shooting and periodically I will just simply squeeze and so far I've not had anything fall out... even though I'm thinking the tab should keep things in place.

Another option... replace the ambi-safety with a left hand safety unless you are left handed... check out the thread New owner and need of a part on suggestions to do that yourself. Then you don't have that problem to worry with at all!

Good luck!
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