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CB236 stopped by on his way back to the Gunshine State and we killed some paper targets.
He brought his .22LR/.22MAG revolver and his .40 G2 and we shot a bunch of rounds.
Lots of fun!
I shot his, he shot my 24/7 and we both shot the Evil Camo Rifle.
I got a really good group on one target with the rifle and will post that in the Rifle Shootout.
Mingaa, Stallard, you gotta beat this one!

Couple pics.

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Right target black circles my shots with the 24/7.
Uncircled are Carl's with my 24/7.

Left target just a mish-mash of .22, 9mm and .40.
Both of us shooting low left with the G2 until we figured out the sights, all at 15 yards.
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