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Shoot competition with your PT1911?

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Who shoots competitions with your PT1911? IDPA, IPSC or whatever. How is your pistol holding up? How well do you do against the guys with high dollar guns?
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I do not have a PT1911. But I seem to remember some of the guys that do, mentioned competitive shooting. Give it a bit of time, and I am sure you will get some responses.
I'm just now getting back into IDPA comps and I've been using my 24/7 .40 S&W.
I notice a lot of people using Taurus firearms mainly because the type that shoot IDPA around here are working class on a budget. But none of them have any complaints about using a Taurus.
hopefully in the near future i will attain enough talent to get into comp shooting comp. and if i do, i will be using my PT1911. depending on how things go for me i will let you know how things turn out
I use my 1911 for SS in USPSA. No problems what so ever and I have beaten many a high dollar gun.

I would rather spend $600 on a PT1911 and $400 on ammo then $1000 on a 'high dollar gun'
I haven't yet, but I intend to.
I've shot mine in many IDPA matches as well as a few local steel matches. Seen every type of 1911 represented.

The max distance your shooting at these matches is about 35 yards and the Taurus is plenty accurate out to 35 yards. The biggest thing the high dollar guns have over the taurus is the quality of the internal parts...mostly tool steel instead of MIM parts and tool steel does seem to hold up better over the course thousands of rounds

Thats not to say that the high dollar guns aren't more accurate its just that unless you start shooting at the Master levels your ability to out shoot the gun isn't there.

Better to spend your money on a timer, bullets, and lessons, and practice, as opposed to a new pistol.

Now if I were shooting bullseye theres allot to be said for the higher dollar guns that are garunteed 1.5 inch accuracy at 50 yards. The PT1911 isn't set up to be a bullseye gun though.

Mine has 5,000 plus rounds through it and the slide fit is much looser than new. It rattles when I shake it but was dead nuts reliable and I recently added a dawson precision front sight which really really made shooting at 20 yards or longer much easier.
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i've shot Steel Challenge with my Pt1911 twice. The second time out the Ambi safety fell off and the plungers and spring were lost in the dust. We found the left side safety. Just got new plungers and springs and have pinch tightened the "female" side of the safety in my vise. Both sides felt like they snapped into place. Hopefully they stay together.
The gun shot very well and I've had no other malfunctions with about 600 rounds thru it.
While waiting for the springs, I've added a Dawson front fiber optic sight, a Wilson magwell and some rubber textured grips from XTR. I found some CMC 10 round mags so I think I'll be ready to go this week. I think it going to be great gun. I don't read about any other "issues" in the various forums.
t0066jh said:
i've shot Steel Challenge with my Pt1911 twice.
I shoot Tuesday night steel also at Usery Pass if I actually get a Tues night off.
I have shot IDPA fun shots four times. Even with my 60 year old eyes did not do to bad, but not as good as them young whippersnappers.
I shoot my pt1911 evry month at the National Guard tactical pistol shoot. allways place in the top 4 against colts and kimbers.
I just started shooting in a couple local club matches and have used my PT1911 with no problems. Wish I could blame the gun for my poor times, but it goes bang every time and hits right where it's pointed...
I too just began shooting local club matches and among the thirty or so shooters guns mine is the only PT1911. These folks show interest in the Taurus and many have asked if they could shoot it. So far, works flawlessly, and that's with lead reloads (only problem with them is that your pistol ends up filthy). Don't come in first, but don't come in last, either.
Always thought it kind of disingenuous for Taurus, or any manufacturer, to be giving their shooters 1911's to compete with then saying they're Taurus, or whoever's, factory guns. Manufacturers should be out there proving their OWN designs, not a copy of someone else's.

Taurus needs to field teams with G2's, 24/7's and the like.

Chevy isn't out copying Fords and putting their own name on them.
I play around a bit in IDPA / IPSC mostly simply for better practice at moving target, barriers, me moving and shooting etc.
its a lot better I think than stnnding still, shooting at flat facing targets at known distances!
anyway, I do CZ pistols and want to try my Sig 365 so !
I have a few 1911 and IF i were going to use one of them I would go with my more accurate, basically more target oriented 1911 than the PT1911 that i own.
course as really i never or very, very seldom carry a 1911 and IF I do its an alloy frame Commander or Officer model so likely not to use them in competition.
Mine run fine now thanks to trips to taurus repair and myself working on them and I can pretty well hit what i am shooting at out to 25 or so yards.
Wow! This thread pre-dates me. Searching for a 1911 brought me here and I selected a PT 1911 SS. I joined a USPSA group and then had to start hand loading just to feed it. I've not shot in a match in years, but figure there's at least 7000 rounds through it with the original extractor and one new recoil spring . I used to shoot in the middle of the pack on a good day and it was through no fault of the pistol.
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When I got back into USPSA after a long break from it, my SS pistol was a PT1911 in 9mm that I modified a bit.

Which Pt1911 parts are proprietary?

eta- that in the end the slide stop was swapped for a Wilson, and I used metalform 10rd mags (they functioned flawlessly).
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