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Send back to Taurus?

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My PT1911 will not lock back on empty. I have put 2000+ rounds through it and clean it regularly even the mags. It has been doing this for the last 1000 rounds but it will lock back when pulling back the slide with an empty mag in it. I have tried all four taurus mags with it and it still will not lock back. Would you guys send it back to Taurus? Also I was shooting my Taurus PT1911SS the other day and the left side safety fell out along with that little pin and I didnt notice so it is lost. The safety on my blued PT1911 has always been perfect no problems however on my SS it wasnt right before and would come apart if I used the right side safety. I called Taurus and asked them to send me a new safety and pin and that was over a month ago, still waiting. After reading the postings about the wilson combat left side safety I think it is the way to go. Either way the safety will have to be hand fitted by a smith so what would you guys do? Send the SS back to Taurus to have it fixed?
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Just my opinion but if you're planning to put the Wilson left hand safety on the SS, I wouldn't send it back - just have a local smith fit it.

As for the one that won't lock back on an empty mag, I'd first try a few other brands of mag, new and used, to see if the issue is with the mags and not with the gun. Since you said that if you rack the slide yourself on an empty mag it does catch, it almost seems like the follower is going too slow to beat the slide.

Eliminate the easy problems first before giving up your gun for who knows how long it'll take to get back from Taurus.
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