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I'm sure we all have some. Recently, when studying the lineup of movies on TCM, I was reminded of one of mine.

I was eight years old, living in a somewhat small town. My parents allowed my two stepbrothers and I to go to the movies every Sunday - didn't matter to them what we chose as all movies were safe for kids in those days.

Two must-see movies came to town at the same time; one an epic western, the other a horror film. Due to short engagements, I'd not be able to see both. But I'd seen the previews for the horror film and knew I'd have to summon all my young courage to sit through it. I spent the entire week psyching myself up and telling my friends I was going to see it - and in this it became more than a movie: enduring it became a boyhood rite of passage.

Sunday came. I went to the theatre showing the horror movie; my stepbrothers were driven downtown to see the epic western.

I did make it all the way through the movie but I'm convinced my decision all but ruined my life. It is one of my lingering regrets that I chose to see "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein" instead of going with my stepbrothers to see "Red River".

P.S. Now, these many years later, I still have never seen "Red River" in a theater. Guess I never will.
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