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Hello, my name is william and I am a brass vulture.
I was depriming when the press stopped. I stopped and looked to make sure it wasn't burdan primed and discovered this Badge Fashion accessory Emblem Metal
. The IK 03 headstamp and 5.56 X 46 I can figure out. But is that a bolt face imprint? This is found brass so all I have to go on is the brass. BTW I did deprime some of this brass but the flash hole, did I use the right term?, is smaller than most on all 20 of the pieces of brass if found. There are these same marks on all 20, to varying degrees.
In my book, troubleshooting is part of reloading and when I see something I don't understand I want to know why.
If I guess headspace, would I be right? Is the brass being forced back into the bolt, instead of being held by the bolt.
All educated guesses are welcome. Thanks in advance.
BTW I hope this will open larger when clicked.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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