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Searching for a Mag-Fed .22lr

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So I've been looking and can't really seem to find anything over the Mossberg Plinkster and the Ruger 10/22. I haven't noticed a whole heck of a lot of options for the plinkster, but the Ruger appears to be endless...bad part is, I can't find a ruger around where I am that isn't all done with someone else's idea of what is "great". I'm just wanting a base model that I can build and turn it into what I want it to be.

So are there any other rifles out there that are great with good size mag caps, or is the Ruger really my best option? I'm not really wanting to spend a whole lot of money, and both the Mossberg and the Ruger are in a price range that I can get behind.

Side note: I know that the rugers have been around for awhile and I was just wondering that if that is the go-to gun, should I be stockpiling 25-30 round mags? If nothing else, I could probably get out of them what I paid for them. I've seen them online for around $20-$25 and my local wants $35.

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There is an Academy Sports in Texarkana, they list the Ruger 10/22 for $197 plus change. Thats about the best price I've seen lately. Whether they have it in stock there is another question.
The Remington 597 is also a mag-fed .22 rifle. There are 20 round magazines available for it, as well.
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Thanks for the info JR. Do you have experience with one of these?

Does anyone else have experience with a Remington 597? I prefer people I can actually talk to over website reviews.
Actually, I have a pair of 597 rifles. One in .22 long rifle, and one in .22 WMR. After a rocky start, Remington has fine-tuned the guns, and magazines over the years. Both of mine run well. The magazines are aftermarket, and I bought mine through CDNN Sports.
I recently bought my wife a smith and wesson m&P 15-22, that is pretty sweet. Even though it is pink, I like it and would recommend one, in black if pink isn't your color. We ran several mags of federal bulk pack, and remington goldens through it with no problems. Even using some Pro-mag 32 round magazines we didn't have any issues on the first range trip. I only cleaned and lubed it, no fluff and buff work. I have 2 more factory mags and 2 more promags on order for it. The pink one was a little pricier than black when I bought it in October, I think it was around $460 plus tax, maybe a tad more. You might be able to get one for close to that now.

If you like ar style guns, it is almost identical to a standard ar, minus the BCG being different. Also, you can't swap uppers and lowers with regular ar's, but it takes down just like one with two takedown pins. Then everything comes apart like standard issue.

That being said, I also have 2 ruger 10-22's that I inherited, but haven't shot much. When I did shoot it, it was pretty much the first time shooting a rifle, and didn't have anyone to show me the ropes. I wasn't that good with the sights, but it was a fun little rifle. I have a scope to mount on one, just need to do it and sight it in. If you just want cheap fun, get a standard 10-22. If you want a cheaper ar style, the mossberg plinkster should fit the bill, even though I don't have any experience. If you want ar trainer, get the Smith and Wesson. If you have an ar already, if you could get your hands on a 22 upper and magazines you could go that route. But that is getting harder lately, so you might have better luck getting your hands on the Smith.
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Have you considered the Marlin 795? Marlin 795 22LR AUTO CLIP 10 RD SYN $162.00 SHIPS FREE

Like many, I prefer the Ruger 10/22 when it comes to a magazine fed .22 LR, but the little Marlin 795's seem to do pretty well reliability-wise and are very nicely accurate.
I also have a Bolt Action Clip Fed Marlin .22 Rifle that has been very accurate and a nice Small Game/Small Varmint getter.
I also found some 20 round mags on-line for the Marlin 795. We have a pair of them, too. Both daughters have them.
Go with the 10/22. 10/22 sales are numbered in the multiple millions. Because of its huge sales, there were always be parts; magazines (of widely varying capacities) and accessories available. The Rem/Win/Moss alternatives less so. My $0.02 worth.
I've got a pair of Remington 597's. They both run well and are accurate. One is a plain rifle with iron sights. It's my pest control gun and sits by the back door. The other is a limited edition "Target" model with a thumb hole stock and a scope. It's a tack driver at 100 yards. I've got high capcity mags for them which causes you to burn throgh a lot of ammo.
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The Marling 795 is a good, cheap-and-cheerful one if you just want a basic shooter that works. Just don't plan on mods for it. (I happen to have one of these for these for these reasons.)

Remington 597 is a good option for just a little more and there are a few aftermarket parts starting to appear for it.

The 10/22 (and its many clones) are still going to give you the most flexibility. They're good out of the box (if a bit more expensive), you can get many different versions straight from the factory (so there is a good chance you could get one that meets your needs and avoid having to mod), and the parts availability is basically endless (to make it whatever you want it to be). But, they can also be hard to find because of the popularity, even when things aren't nuts. (I have a few of these, and it's probably one of the guns that all gun owners "should" have, just because. ;) )

My advice is to watch your local Academy closely, along with Wal-Mart (if yours does firearms); I've seen all three rifles in both places fairly regularly. (Academy, as usual, probably has a small price edge compared to most places.)

Good luck!
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