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scope mounting on Tracker

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I saw that Taurus sells scope mounts for the Trackers on their website. I heard somewhere that these revolvers are already drilled and tapped for these mounts by the factory; is this true? If not, what is involved in setting up a Tracker for a scope? Is it expensive?
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Well, scopes are usually mounted via the drill and tap method. Taking a look at my tracker, there isn't anyway to mount a scope that I can see.

Getting it done correctly would involver a smith willing to do with work for you. I have no idea how much it would cost to have one drill and tap a tracker.
B-square makes a scope mount that clamps around the barrel of non-drilled at tapped guns, Mine is pushing 20 years old and still work. But if I was going to get a new revolver it would have to be ready for a scope mount. Looking at the scope mount at Taurus, it looks to me like the scope mount goes thru the vented rib on top of the barrel, so some tracker are vented some aren't.
never actually put a scope on a pistol that did'nt already have mounts from the factory but i dont see any mounting holes on my tracker either.
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